Why BOLD ? Why BIM?

Digital Fabrication (Ercan Airport Steel structure Production)

Robot Machines are becoming more intelligent and are changing our working environments. BOLD Creates intelligent models that can communicate with robots.

Existing Model (Ercan Airport Point Cloud Map)

The existing conditions are digitally produced by 3d scanners as point clouds. BIM models are combined to geochnaphical intelligent models for better understanding in master planning, site planning and infrastructure works.

Digital Fabrication (Ercan Airport Steel Structure Production)

We use BIM models starting from the beginning of the concept design phase. We use geographical data to achieve the form that will establish the sustainable design approach. Sustainability starts with the concept not later.

Digital Fabrication (Sultangazi Wind and Solar Analysis)

We simulate the building model under environmental conditions like wind and sun. BOLD creates an evidence based design. The evidence of the design is the natural environment in life such as in the virtual models.

Digital Fabrication (Şişli High School Wind and Solar Analysis)

We simulate the buildings’ energy consumption models in every phase of the design. The design criteria is always supported by the energy efficiency simulations. The orientation of the building, the ratio of glass faces, etc numerous alternatives that affect the energy cost are tested. Drawing sketches only are not enough today for a valid design, therefore we employ energy sketches as our tool as well.

BIM Model (Ercan Airport)

The BIM Model is the digital twin of the real life, the construction, the budget, the contructibility. All the information is produced through BIM models, the documents, and the schedules.

BIM docs coordination of the whole process through design construction operation

BIM 360 gives a huge range of communication activity, our costumers monitor all the design process, all the discussions and design decisions. Why do you  limit yourself to only one product,  when there is a chance to see the whole production process? Cloud based models shows all the design changes in seconds.

4D – 5D

The cost and time is important for the financial target, we examine all the process with 4D and 5D models to control the whole budget.

AI  (Artificial Intelligence)

The concept design is created by algoritms; we do not use only lines, sketches or drawings to represent the design, we use digital algoritms.

CIP ( City Informatıon Plan )

Generative Design

How many alternatives can a designer produce? By generative design tool, we can chose the most suitable and energy-efficient design from tens of thousands of alternatives. At  BOLD, we use computers as our partners, for computers make it easy to decide.