BOLD seeks clear functionality and simple beauty. BOLD is eager to make use of opportunities that offer applying latest knowledge, materials and technology into design and architecture. We are interested in developing a culture that positively changes the world we live in – both architecturally and environmentally.



At BOLD to ensure a highly colloborative design method; we team up with the client, experts of relevant fields and prospective users to discuss and develop a project from the initial idea to the final result. We employ several working techniques and medias to communicate our idea. We use physical models as well as BIM products to further evaluate different spatial solutions.


BOLD values sustainable, user-friendly and functional design that offers highest architectural quality and aesthetics.

What We Do

BOLD is a leading design company that uses Building Information Modeling system in all disiplines such as structural, architectural and MEP with its inhouse team . Our quality management depends on the integrated and high quality design models starting from the concept phase to the construction document phase. Our Project Managers attend the production process till the end of construction. According to our open source principal, we share our experiences with other colleagues in the sector through seminars, workshops and ateliers.

We designed our studio as an environment in which everyone can constantly communicate. We are also happy to share our office interiors and garden with all sorts of living friends.